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Website Migration Request

Web hosting for ECE websites has changed. The ECE IT team no longer supports a hosting environment for personal, course, lab, research group, and center websites as there are now other options for free, reliable web hosting available on campus.

*There are two hosting options available to you: 1) the Georgia Tech Office of Information Technology (OIT) web Plesk service or 2) a new campus system called Professional Web Presence (PWP).

We would encourage you to migrate to the PWP turnkey campus system. PWP is a WordPress multisite managed centrally, so you get all of the benefits of WordPress without all of the hassle of maintaining it. PWP offers templates that adhere to the Institute’s guidelines, but provide plenty of easy-to-use widgets that allow you to present your unique content. ECE’s web manager, Rachel Ponder, has a tool to import your current site into PWP. From there, it is quite straightforward to maintain your website without any knowledge of html or design.

An item to be aware of:

*The Institute will begin enforcing compliance with specific website guidelines in the near future in order to present a consistent brand across all Georgia Tech-related websites. The guidelines primarily call for approved GT headers, footers, colors, fonts, and logo placement. You can review detailed information on the guidelines, requirements, policy, and best practices for on-campus usage on the Institute Communications website.

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Requested custom domain name for site (if you don't already have a custom domain name; for example, if your current site URL is, then your custom domain name can be; or, if your current site URL is, then your custom domain name can be
Please note that Institute Communications (IC) requests that vanity URLs in format of (or be restricted, as these sites can be perceived as Institute-level entities and fall under their domain as part of strategic branding. If you would like to go through the approval process, please check this box (this is not required for domain names in the format of
We will set up redirects from your old site to the new one.

Who should have permission to edit the site? Please include GT account usernames (not 9-digit GTIDs). (required)

Which service would you prefer the site be migrated to? Review information about PWP and OIT Webhosting services.

If you select OIT webhosting, please provide a description of how your website supports the Institute's mission (required by OIT). For More Information See:

If you select OIT webhosting, please check the boxes next to these statements, indicating that you have read and agreed to them (required by OIT):
For more information, see
For more information, see


Last revised on January 19, 2017.