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Lab/Group or Course Pages

Please note that anyone appearing in photos on your site must sign a release form, and you should retain that signed form. The individual or group release forms may be downloaded from the following URLs:
Single Model
Group Models

If your lab or group is affiliated with the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, then you are more than welcome to request a home page for your group on the WWW server. In general, if you have a research group or lab, then you will be given a directory under the research/labs directory with a name of your choosing. Directory names are first-come, first-serve. We suggest that you choose a name that makes sense for your group. You must decide who the primary owner of the directory will be. This person must have an ECE account. He/she will then be responsible for coordinating with others that may edit or maintain parts of your pages. UNIX groups may be used for this purpose if you so desire. UNIX groups need to be coordinated through the Computer Support Group who can be reached via

If your lab/group is not a research lab, please give us a good description of your group and an approximate guess as to where you think it belongs in the ECE Web hierarchy. This will allow us to make an educated guess where to put it.

The URL for your lab/group home page will vary, but it is likely in a format similar to Please note that you should try to use relative paths to files and images in your pages rather than full paths. This greatly helps portability of your Web pages.

Your lab/group pages are your responsibility – we will not be responsible for scanning, writing, uploading/downloading, maintaining, or modifying your lab pages. We can give you some pointers and advice, but the content is yours to control.

Please be sure to review our section on accessibility.

Course Home Pages
There are three options here:

  • You can use the course sites that are set up automatically within T-Square or BuzzPort.
  • You can request that we create a directory on our web server under /home/www/academic/courses/SemesterYear/ece####. The web address for these pages would be
  • You can create your own set of pages under your own personal home page, usually /home/www/users/<login>/<course>/ which
    would be addressed as<login>/<course>/.

Please be sure to review our section on accessibility.

Last revised September 9, 2015.