Prism Web Pages

The following website explains how to configure your prism web space:
or, more specifically, see the following FAQ:

The instructions above specify that you need to set permissions to your user directory so that they are group and world readable/executable. This will allow others who connect to the prism server to see the files in your directory (not just the files within your public_html directory). So, for your user directory (which is found at /nethome/<your GT account username>), be sure to set as restrictive permissions as you can:

  • Your user directory will need to be world executable (but not necessarily world readable), so that the web server can traverse your user directory to get to your public_html directory.
  • The group does not need to have any permissions to your user directory.
  • For any files or folders that you have within your user directory (except for your public_html directory), keep permissions only for the owner (nothing should be needed for the group or world permissions).

Last revised August 6, 2015.