PWP Information

The PWP service is a WordPress multisite and includes the Georgia Tech web template. The installation is maintained by the PWP administration staff, so you get all of the benefits of WordPress without any of the hassles of keeping it updated.  In WordPress, all of your website edits are done in your browser, so there is no need for additional web editing software.

Once your site is set up in PWP, you will scroll down to the bottom of the page to click the Log In link to login. Once you are logged in, that link will change into a Dashboard link. This is where you’ll go to add your content. If your site will be in blog format, go to Posts > Add New to add a new post. If, instead, your site will be a collection of pages, go to Pages > Add New to add a new page. See the What are pages and What are posts pages in the PWP documentation for further information.

Please note the following limitations with the PWP service:

A common problem that in PWP is that it appears as if text disappears in some of the template items – like the name of the group or the menu items.  To modify menu items, go to the Dashboard > Appearance > Menus.  In there, you’ll see the Primary menu (gold) and Secondary menu (gray).  If you want to change the text for a menu item, click the arrow next to the text on the right side and change what’s listed for Navigation Label. Make sure to click the Save Menu button when you’re done.

See the PWP/WordPress documentation for more information.