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ECE Personal Web Pages

Please note that anyone appearing in photos on your site must sign a release form, and you should retain that signed form. The individual or group release forms may be downloaded from the following locations:
Single Model Form
Group Model Form

Location of Home Page Files

Please note that you are responsible for editing these files and/or transferring them back and forth from a machine where you want to edit them locally on your computer.

Your home page are available using the URL: Please note that you should try to use relative paths to images or files in your pages rather than full paths. This greatly helps portability of your Web pages.

For Faculty

Faculty and staff can access their Web pages on via the NFS mounted filesystem. Your pages are located in /home/www/users/<username> or /home/pages/<username>. (Please note if you are using the command line, you will need to “cd /home/pages/<username>” (without the quotes) or “cd /home/www/users/<username>” (without the quotes) in order to mount the directory; if you are using a “drag-and-drop” GUI, like WinSCP, to upload your files, you will need to specify this path before you connect in order to mount it. See the WinSCP page for details.) The username is your GT account login name that is managed at

You can ssh to to edit the files in a terminal window. If you are familiar with an editor on the UNIX systems such as vi or pico, this will be the easiest method to update the files.
If you would prefer to work on these files on your desktop machine using Mac or PC tools, you will need to use sftp to transfer the files back and forth to The tool that you can use for ssh on Windows machines is SecureCRT (which is provided by OIT’s Software Download site). The tool available for sftp on Windows machines is WinSCP (which is provided by OIT’s Software Download site). For Mac machines, you can use the Terminal utility or X11 to use command-line ssh or sftp. Additionally, for sftp on Mac, you can use Fugu.

For Graduate Students

ECE graduate students are no longer provided with web space on the ECE web server. Graduate students should now be posting their websites on OIT’s prism web server.

Last revised June 30, 2016.