Environment Setup

Version 6.13-1

To run Abaqus version 6.13-1* on Linux do following:

    >source /tools/linsoft2/abaqus613/cshrc.meta

Version 6.9

To run Abaqus version 6.9 on Linux do following:

    >source /tools/linsoft2/abaqus/cshrc.meta

Running Abaqus

Command line interface:


GUI interface:

    >abaqus cae

Options supported:

    >abaqus help


    >abaqus doc

* Note: If you get the following error:

Warning: Your system needs to be reconfigured to allow OpenGL
rendering to a pixmap or Pbuffer; otherwise, you will not be
able to print or use the probe function in Abaqus/CAE.

Do the following:

    >abaqus cae -messa

Last revised October 1, 2013.