Academic Labs Overview Academic Labs Linux Machine Names

Academic Labs Linux Machine Names

Please see our Remote Access page for information on accessing these machines from outside of ECE’s network.

Temporary files and directories more than two weeks old on these machines are deleted daily

Note: Jobs are limited to a total of two interactive or background process per login across all of the machines listed below. Accounts found running more than this may be subject to termination of their background processes or login session at the discretion of the CSG. Flagrant or repeated violations may in extreme cases be subject to suspension or revocation of account privileges.

All systems are running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 64-bit. For legacy needs, is still running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 64-bit (available via SSH only). If you absolutely are unable to get an application to run on any of the new installs, you can revert back to using this system. Please do not use ecelegacylin for day to day simulations or actions. Additionally, for those looking to test the next generation of operating system, we have a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 64-bit install running on

Servers (available via SSH only):


(NOTE: the above servers are remotely accessible from the GT VPN,

Desktop Workstations (accessible via SSH or at the console):
Klaus 1448:

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Last revised July 22, 2016.