Equipment Loan Agreement

If you will be taking home laptops or any item above $99.99, please fill out the below linked DocuSign template.

Instructions for Equipment Loan Agreement Form using DocuSign

Step 1: Click the link for the ECE Equipment Loan Agreement at the end of this page.

Step 2: Your information will automatically populate in the Sender field, so verify that information is correct.  Then follow the appropriate set of instructions below if you are faculty / staff or a student.

  • For personnel (students see next bullet): Click the trash can icon next to the Equipment Lender / Advisor sender; this option is only required for students, then continue with Step 3.
    Demonstrating where the trash can icon is located
  • For students: Scroll down to the Equipment Lender / Advisor recipient and please choose the address book icon to ensure the recipient signs in with Georgia Tech credentials. This will allow them to track the progress of your document and access your signature request in DocuSign.  Then continue to Step 3.

Demonstrating where the Address Book icon is located.

Step 3: When you scroll to the bottom of the screen, you can check a box to create custom email and language for each recipient. If you wish to send the same email to all recipients, uncheck this box.

Step 4: Once you have entered all requested information, select “SEND.”

After clicking SEND, the document is electronically routed via email to each recipient. You, as the sender and first recipient, will complete the form in DocuSign (via the email link you receive or in your DocuSign account).  When you sign the form, you will notice that the other recipients’ names are not included on the form. Don’t worry – they will be automatically filled in when the other recipients open the form.

When all recipients have finished signing the document, everyone will receive a PDF copy of the signed form via email attachment. Save the attachments since DocuSign only retains documents for 6 months.

DocuSign Form for ECE Equipment Loan Agreement

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Last revised May 26, 2022.