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is a very powerful word processing program available in most windowed Unix environments. It is fully functional and includes the standard spell-checker and thesaurus options and formatting capabilities.

NOTE: In order for it to run you must configure the display environment to the terminal you are on. This must be done every time you login to a UNIX machine and use framemaker.

At the command prompt type:

setenv DISPLAY name-of-computer:0.0 maker&


is an exceptional application for DSP students and is used by several engineering classes here at Tech. It can perform virtually any signal processing function on any finite waveform using matrix calculations. In addition, toolboxes are available to extend Matlab’s functionality to include neural networks, wavelets, etc.

At the command prompt, type matlab

For an interactive demo, type matlab, then type demo


is a graphics program that is somewhat unique in its ability to read almost any graphics format including JPEG, GIF, BMP, PS, etc. It also gives information about the file displayed such as size, number of colors used and type. Here you must also setup the display environment as described above.

At the command prompt type:

setenv DISPLAY name-of-computer:0.0 xv&

Shell Setup Required For the Following Programs:

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