Printing from Windows or Mac

NOTE: If you are looking for instructions for printing from the ECE academic labs, please see the Printing section of the Academic Labs Overview page.

For Windows computers connected to ECE’s wired network:

  1. Open My Computer or Computer
  2. In the Address bar, type:
    If this doesn’t work, then try using:
  3. In the pop-up box, type your username and password as follows:
    Username: ad\<yourOITusername>
    Password: <your passport password>
  4. You should now see a list of the shared printers; right-click on the one you want to use and select Connect. Follow the prompts.

NOTE: If you are not logged into a computer using your AD username, unfortunately, you will have to repeat the following every time you reboot or log out of your computer:

Yes, we can join your machine to the domain infrastructure and you keep administrative rights.

For Mac computers connected to the ECE wired network

These instructions were generated based on OS X 10.7 (Lion).

  1. Go to the Apple menu, and select System Preferences… > Print & Scan
  2. Click the + button > Add Other Printer or Scanner… under the list of Printers on the left side of the window
  3. Go to the IP tab
  4. Make sure Line Printer Daemon – LPD is selected for Protocol
  5. For Address, fill in
  6. For Queue, fill in the name of the printer
  7. Name and Location will automatically fill in for you. If not, then fill in the appropriate information.
  8. For Print Using, make sure you select a PCL (not PostScript) type

Last revised March 2, 2020.