How to Import Your Document to DocuSign

General Georgia Tech DocuSign / eSignature Information

  1. Go to and login with your GT credentials ( for your username)
  2. Click Manage, then New/Send an Envelope.
  3. Upload the file you want signed.
  4. Add recipients to the envelope (the people you want to sign your form, including yourself if you need to). Click Add Recipient until you have added all.
  5. Click “Next” at the bottom right.
  6. Drag the “Signature” icon on top left and place it where you need a signature. After you place the arrow, select the name of the person that needs to sign in that spot from the dropdown menu on the top right.

    Move to the next arrow, until you have added all.
  7. Click SEND on the bottom right.
  8. DONE! After everybody has signed, you will receive an email with the final signed document.

Last revised on April 17, 2020.