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How to Email Students in Your Courses

The preferred method for emailing the students in your courses is to use T-Square or BuzzPort using the instructions below.

Alternately, class email lists for a section can be requested by sending an email to help@ece.


Course sites are automatically created each semester within T-Square and membership is based on enrollment in the course.

You can email the students in your course, if you have the Email Archive tool installed for your course site. Note: You will have to manually add TAs to your course site; they will not be added automatically.

  • To check if this is installed, select your course’s site (if you do not see it in the list of tabs when you first login, then look for it under the “My Active Sites” tab).
    • When you are in your class site, look for Email Archive on the left side under Course Tools.
    • If you do not see Email Archive under your Course Tools, then go to the Site Info section under Course Tools.
      • Click the blue button for Edit Tools.
      • Look for Email Archive in that list and check the box next to it, and click Continue at the bottom of the page.
      • You will then be asked to supply an email address (alias) for the site. Fill that in and click the Continue button.
      • Verify that all of the tools you want to use are listed on this page and click the Finish button.
    • If you do see Email Archive link under Course Tools, then click it
      • This page will show you the email address for the course site. If you have already assigned an email alias, then that will also appear on this page. Otherwise, you will need to click on the blue Options button to set an alias for the site.
  • In order to send email to all of your students (all members of the course site), send email as you do normally, supplying either of the email addresses you see on the Email Archive page.
    • NOTE: You will need to send your email from an official Georgia Tech email address. To see which ones are available for you, please login to the T-Square Management Tools page. If you would like additional ECE addresses listed, please send email to help@ece with your request.
    • NOTE: Be sure to wait at least an hour after creating the alias before sending email to it.
  • A copy of your message will be archived to the Email Archive section of your course site.

Add TA to T-Square Site

In order to add the course TA to your site in T-Square, you will need to add him/her manually:

  • Select the tab for your course site. If you do not see the tab, select it under My Active Sites
  • Under Course Tools, select Site Info
  • Select the blue button for Add Participants
  • Fill in your TA’s GT account username in the text box; keep the option “Assign all participants to the same role” selected, and click the Continue button.
  • Select the appropriate Role that you would like your TA to have – most likely, this will be maintain. Verify under Participants that you have added the correct person, and click the Continue button.
  • Next, you will be asked if you want to send a message to the person that you are adding. Select the appropriate radio button and click the Continue button.
  • You will see a confirmation page showing the new participant and his/her role for the site. Click the Finish button when you have verified the information.


You can also email your students or selected students in your courses through BuzzPort. As with T-Square, course groups are automatically created each semester and membership is based on enrollment.

Information is available on BuzzPort’s Help page for E-mailing a Class (or selected members).

  • After you login to BuzzPort, select the Faculty tab.
  • In the “My Courses” channel, select the course for which you would like to contact the students.
  • In the “Course Tools” on the left side, select “E-mail”.
  • On this page, you will see the list of all students enrolled in the course, so check the boxes next to the students you would like to email. If you want to send an email to everyone, click the box next to “Member Name” at the top of the list or the box next to “Select All” at the bottom of the list.
  • After you have selected the students to send email to, click the Send E-mail button
  • A new window to your My GaTech email account will open where you can type your message.
  • When you are done, click the Send button at the bottom of that page to send the message.

Last revised June 2, 2010