Get View Link in Office365

These instructions explain how to get a link to a file within your OneDrive for Business which is publicly available and can be posted on your website.  Please note that these links will expire after a specified number of days.

  • Login to
    • Please note that if you are not already logged into Office365, you will be presented with a Microsoft login page.  Type your Office365 username (which is your GT account username followed by; for example,, and tab to the next field.  After hitting the tab key, you should be redirected to the normal GT login page, where you will login with your usual GT account username and password.
    • Please see OIT’s FAQ How do I get started using OneDrive for Business at Georgia Tech? for more information
  • It is recommended to set up a directory to place all of the documents that you plan to make publicly available for your website.  Name it whatever makes sense for you.  For this example, I will be calling it web.
    • You are not able to set permissions at the directory level, so you will need to follow these instructions for each file you want to share
  • Upload a file (for example, file.txt) to the web directory.
  • Mouse over the filename to reveal additional options and click the next to the file and select Get Link
  • Click the link under Share ‘file.txt’ that starts with “Only people in the To: line…”
  • For the drop-down for “Who can access this link:”, select “Anyone with this link”.
  • Make sure to uncheck the box next to “Allow editing”, if you do not want everyone to be able to edit it.
  • Make sure that you have filled in an appropriate number of days to keep the link active.
  • Click OK.
  • Go back to the next to the filename and select Get Link again.  Click the Copy button.