Services Georgia Tech Digital Media Service

Georgia Tech Digital Media Service

Georgia Tech has a new streaming service available called MediaSpace built on the Kaltura platform.

How to login to MediaSpace

  • Go to the MediaSpace website
  • On the right side, click the Guest menu and select Login
  •  Authenticate with the GT login page, if necessary
  • Then Guest will be replaced with your name

How to find your channel

  • After logging in using the instructions in the previous section, click on the menu with your name, and select “My Channels”
  • Please note that by default access to videos within your channel is restricted.  If you would like to share your videos outside of the GT authentication system, you will need to embed them in your web pages (which by-passes all security restrictions configured in the MediaSpace system)

 How to upload to your channel

  • From the list you are able to view from the instructions in the previous sections, select the channel you would like to upload videos to
  • Click the button “+ Add to Channel”
  • The default view will be the list of media you have already uploaded (if there are any)
    • If the video you would like to publish is available in this list of “My Media”, then check the boxes next to the appropriate videos, and click the “+ Publish” button
    • Otherwise, click the “Add New” link to the right of the “My Media” button, and select “Media Upload” from that drop-down
      • Click the “+ Choose a file to upload” button to select a video to upload
      • If the video is in a supported format, then the video will upload and automatically be converted to an appropriate version for the server, and it will automatically be tagged and captioned

How to edit video captions

  • Select the video for which you would like to edit the captions
  • Under “Actions”, select “Edit Captions”
  • Click the link for “Refresh list: CLICK HERE to see all Caption Requests for this media”
  • Now you should see the table that lists the details of the caption request
  • Click the link that says “COMPLETE” under “Status”
  • In  here, you will be able to change the captions.  You will be able to Save your progress to continue at another time.
  • When you are done, click the Approve button to have the new captions saved for the video.