OIT’s Webhosting Information

Georgia Tech’s Webhosting service uses web hosting software called Plesk.  OIT has an Introduction to Georgia Tech Webhosting that goes over the basics of their service.

OIT’s Webhosting Policy

Plesk Control Panel

The Plesk Control Panel is only available to you on the webhosting site if you are on the GT network or connected to the GT VPN service. Within the Plesk Control Panel, you have the ability to control several aspects of your domain, including the ability to upload, download or edit files for your site.  Access to the Plesk Control Panel is restricted by GT account to the assigned Domain Administrators, which is managed by the Site Owners on the GT Hosting Service Manage Site Admins page.

If you require ssh/sftp access to your files, please keep in mind that there is a single account for each domain, and that account is not associated with your GT account, so you will want to make sure that the login information is given to a very small number of people and is changed as necessary when people with that information leave. That account is managed through the Plesk Control Panel.  Additionally, you will have a very limited shell available to you, so many of the common commands that you may be used to using in a linux environment may not be available here.


If you will be installing a PHP application, it is recommended that you use Installatron to install and maintain that software. The Installatron settings are available from the right side menu (Installatron Applications Installer).  This will give you an easy way to backup and update your application, and can be configured to update your applications automatically. OIT has additional information on using Installatron and how to configure it to update your applications automatically.

Additional FAQs