NCSU Design Kit and Cadence

Important!  You will need to read, fill out and agree to the Cadence EULA before you can utilize any Cadence software:

Access is not granted automatically, and will be processed during normal business hours.

Environment Setup

First make sure you are in your home directory:


Next make a new directory for each project:

    >mkdir project1
    >cd project1

NCSU Version 1.6 and Cadence 6.1

Done once:

    >tar xvf /tools/linsoft2/cadence/NCSU/setupncsu16.tar

To run version ic617:

    >source /tools/cadence/ic617newer/cshrc.RH7

If you cannot run above due to legacy issues, to run version ic616 with NCSU you can only run on

To run version ic616:

NOTE:  Will only run on

    >source /tools/cadence/ic616hf/cshrc.ncsu61.lin

Running NCSU Design Kit and Cadence

Then start cadence:

    >virtuoso &

Last revised January 8, 2020.