RTL Compiler

Important!  You will need to read, fill out and agree to the Cadence EULA before you can utilize any Cadence software:


To run RTL Compiler do the following:

version 16.2

    >source /tools/cadence/genus162/cshrc.meta

version 16.1

    >source /tools/cadence/genus161/cshrc.meta

Then do:


Type in gui_show at the genus prompt for the gui interface.

Documentation for Genus:


version 14.2

    >source /tools/cadence/rc142/cshrc.meta

version 10.03

For Linux csh/tcsh do:

    >source /tools/cadence/rc1003/cshrc.meta

Then do:


For gui mode do following at rc prompt:


For user guides and tutorials do:


Last revised February 8, 2017.