Sigrity Broadband Spice & Sigrity PowerSI

Important!  You will need to read, fill out and agree to the Cadence EULA before you can utilize any Cadence software:

Environment Setup

To run Sigrity applications you must do the following:

Version 2019:

    >source /tools/cadence/sigrity/sig2019/cshrc.meta

Version 2018 with latest Hotfix:

    >source /tools/cadence/sigrity/sig2018hf04/cshrc.meta

Version 2018

    >source /tools/cadence/sigrity/sig2018hf/cshrc.meta

Version 2017 with latest Hotfix:

    >source /tools/cadence/sigrity/sig2017hf12/cshrc.meta

Version 2017

    >source /tools/cadence/sigrity/sig2017new/cshrc.meta

Running Sigrity Broadband Spice & Sigrity PowerSI

To run Sigrity Broadband Spice application do the following:

    >broadbandspice &

To run Sigrity PowerSI application do the following:

    >powersi &

To run 3DWorkbench do the following:

    >3dworkbench &

To view manuals for all applications execute following command:


Last revised April 1, 2020.