Version MP1.2 on Linux

To run CoventorWare MP1.2 on Linux do following:

    >source /tools/coventor2/Coventor/CoventorMP1.2/cshrc.cov

You may have to enter the Software license server on your initial startup.  Enter the following:

Version MP1.1 on Linux

To utilize CoventorWare MP1.1 on Linux do following:

    >source /tools/coventor/Coventor/CoventorMP1.1/cshrc.cov
    >coventorware &

Version 10 on Linux

To utilize CoventorWare 10 on Linux do following:

    >source /tools/coventor/Coventor/CoventorWare10/cshrc.cov


To run CoventorWare 2008 on Windows do following:

  1. Mount network drive: \\\gtfs\coe\ece\software\open
  2. Go to Coventor->coventorMP1.100
  3. Read and follow instructions in Install_Guied_CoventorMP_1.100.pdf


Last revised October 18, 2019.