Microsoft Imagine

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering participates as a STEM Department in the Microsoft Imagine program for academic institutions (formerly, MSDNAA/DreamSpark). When prompted for login, please use the “Sign In” option for Shibboleth.


  • You are allowed 2 activations for each software package you download. ECE WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE provide additional installation keys. Please use judgment before activating your installations.
  • It is a violation of the program license to install software downloaded from Imagine on Institute-owned systems not associated with labs or instruction. Georgia Tech has a separate licensing agreement for Microsoft software being used in the department. If you need software for an Institute-owned computer, email help@ece.


Q: Who is eligible for this program?
A: To be eligible for this program, you must be either enrolled in or teaching (this includes student teachers) an ECE prefixed or ECE cross-listed course or lab for the current semester.

Q: How will I know that I have been granted access?
A: If classes have begun and your registration is current, you should be able to log in.

Q: What is my ELMS login ID/username and password?
A: Use your Georgia Institute of Technology username and password. If you do not know these, more information can be found at the Passport website.

Q: I’m having trouble logging in. What should I do?
A: First, be certain you are using your current Georgia Institute of Technology credentials. If you are still having problems, please click on the “Register” radio button on the login page and supply the information requested. Someone will contact you for more information, if necessary.

Q: I’m registered for or teaching an ECE course, so why am I unable to login?
A: After the last day of classes of each semester, all access is removed as no classes are in session. On the first day of class of the next semester, the access group will be repopulated. As long as your registration information is current with the Registrar’s Office, you will have access. Changes during Final Registration may take up to 24 hours to update.

Q: But I need/want software from Imagine right now! Can’t you give me access early/extend my access/give me access now?
A: No. If you are not eligible as defined above or rolls have not been finalized, doing so would violate our Subscription Agreement with Microsoft and could jeopardize our ability to provide Imagine for eligible faculty and students. If you cannot wait until you have Imagine access, you may find academically-priced versions of Microsoft software at the campus bookstore, through the Kivuto site, or through the USG’s SRS site.

Q: How long will my ELMS account be active?
A: Your ELMS account will be active as long as you are an eligible participant of the Imagine license… meaning as long as you are currently enrolled in or teaching an ECE prefixed or ECE cross-listed course.

Q: Upon graduation, are your rights to any downloaded programs from this MSDN website revoked? Or are they yours to keep?
A: Yes, access to the site is revoked during any semester (and between semesters ) in which enrolment or teaching requirements are not met. Any software downloaded is yours to keep indefinately, but only as long as your usage conforms to the usage agreement.

Q: How do I download on my Linux machine?
A: When you select something from Imagine to download, although you may expect a file with an “ISO” extension, what you get is a SDM downloader file, which you need to run in order to download the ISO image. You’ll need to download the SDM file and run it on a machine with a supported operating system.

Q: I have more than one computer; can I install the same software on both/all of them?
A: See the Imagine FAQ (under “Downloading”) for answers to these scenarios.

Download Microsoft software for your personal machine

Last revised September 19, 2016.