Version 2017 Standalone

For ADS version 2017 standalone:

    >source /tools/keysight/ads2017/
    >ads &

Version 2016.01 Standalone

For ADS version 2016.01 standalone:

    >source /tools/keysight/ads201601/
    >ads &

Version 2015.01 Standalone

For ADS version 2015.01 standalone:

    >source /tools/keysight/ads201501/
    >ads &

Version 2014.01 Standalone

For ADS version 2014.01 standalone:

    >source /tools/keysight/ads2014/
    >ads &

ADS Dynamic Link Setup

Add the following line to your .cdsinit file in your top level directory or your working directory for Cadence:

    loadi(strcat(getShellEnvVar("HPEESOF_DIR") "/idf/config/.cdsinit"))

/tools/cadence/ic616 and /tools/cadence/ic616hf are setup for ADS201501 & GoldenGate-4-9-0 via sourcing the cshrc.49ads file in respective directories. /tools/cadence/ic616hf and /tools/cadence/ic617 are setup for ADS 201601 & GoldenGate-4-9-5 via sourcing cshrc.64gg495bitRH6 in respective directories.

ADS version 2013.06 standalone

For ADS version 2013.06 standalone:

    >source /tools/keysight/ads201306/
    >virtuoso &

ADS version 2012/08 and Cadence ic5141

For ADS version 2012/08 and Cadence ic5141 do:

    >source /tools/keysight/ads201208/

Last revised January 2, 2018.