Environment Setup

Version 1654

To run Sonnet 1654 do following:

    >source /tools/sonnet1654/cshrc.meta

Version 1652

To run Sonnet 1652 do following:

    >source /tools/sonnet1652/cshrc.meta

Version 1552

To run Sonnet 1552 do following:

    >source /tools/sonnet1552/cshrc.meta

Version 1454

To run Sonnet 1454 do following:

    >source /tools/sonnet1454/cshrc.meta

Running Sonnet

Then enter:

    >sonnet &

To run Sonnet with Cadence/Virtuoso you must do the following in your working directory:

    >cat /tools/sonnet/sonnet1654/sonnet_virtuoso_dk/virtuoso.txt >> .cdsinit

Substitute the version you are running for sonnet1654 if you are utilizing an older version.

Last revised August 23, 2017.