The HSpice optimizing analog circuit simulator is a circuit analysis tool that is used to simulate electrical circuits in steady-state, transient, and frequency domains. HSpice has built in measurements capabilities that can be used to produce graphical curves. These graphs are very useful in engineering and project design management.

Environment Variables

For version 2020.03:

    >source /tools/synopsys/hspice/Q-2020.03/cshrc.meta

For version 2019.06-1:

    >source /tools/synopsys/hspice/P-2019.06-1/cshrc.meta

For version 2018.09 SP1:

    >source /tools/synopsys/hspice/O-2018.09-SP1/cshrc.meta

For version 2017.12 SP2-2:

    >source /tools/synopsys/hspice/N-2017.12-SP2-2/cshrc.meta

For version 2017.12 SP2:

    >source /tools/synopsys/hspice/N-2017.12-SP2/cshrc.meta

Running HSpice

To run hspice in 64 bit mode do:

    >setenv HSPICE_64 1

Last revised April 13, 2020.