To run design_vision, dc_shell, lc_shell or any other synthesis tools you must do the following:

Environment Variables

Version 2018.06 SP3 for Linux:

    >source /tools/synopsys/synthesis/o201806sp3/cshrc.syn

Version 2016.03 SP5 for Linux:

    >source /tools/synopsys/synthesis/l201603sp5/cshrc.syn

Version 2014.09 SP3 for Linux:

    >source /tools/synopsys/synthesis/j201409sp3/cshrc.syn

Running Synthesis

To run design_vision enter:


To run design compiler shell enter:


To run library compiler shell enter:

    (only available in 2014.09 SP3 all other versions use dc_shell or design_vision)

Last revised November 28, 2018.