VCS MX (Verilog & VHDL mixed simulator)

Environment Setup

Version 2017.03 SP2-2

    >source /tools/synopsys/vcsmx/m201703sp22/cshrc.vcsmx

Version 2016.06 sp2-1

    >source /tools/synopsys/vcsmx/l201606sp21/cshrc.vcsmx

Version 2015.09-SP2

csh/tcsh users:

    >source /tools/synopsys/vcsmx/k201509sp2/cshrc.vcsmx

Running VCS MX

To run VCS MX in command line mode, enter:


To run VCS MX in gui mode, enter:


User Guides for VCS MX are located at:

    >cd /tools/synopsys/vcs/k201509sp2/doc/UserGuide

Last revised November 15, 2017.