ECE Policy on Home Pages

All WWW pages on the ECE server must first abide by the Institute Communications web requirements and guidelines.

The following paragraphs are in addition to the Institute Communications policy and in no way supersede any restrictions in the Georgia Tech policy.

In order to obtain a home page on the ECE web server, you must be a member of ECE faculty or staff. Graduate students are no longer provided web space on the ECE server, and may use the Georgia Tech PRISM web space instead. In order to have a home page, you must first have an ECE computer account.

Please note that use of the ECE Web server is a privilege, not a right, and the computing staff monitors access and usage to be fair to all users. Disk space is a precious commodity, so space used by home pages is carefully monitored and controlled. Abuse of disk space or server traffic will result in a refusal to allow access for your Web pages. Please refer to the the Georgia Tech Computer and Network Usage Policy, and the School of ECE Usage Policy for further guidelines. At all times, you must abide by all local, state, and federal laws regarding harassment, copyright, music recordings, pornography, and any other applicable areas.

Please note that you are responsible for providing images, graphics, and other artwork. There are some standard icons available on the server, but pictures or access to scanners are not provided.

Permission to run CGI/PHP scripts are not allowed.

Anyone appearing in photos on your site must sign a release form, and you should retain that signed form. The individual or group release forms may be downloaded from the following links:

Last revised July 8, 2016.